Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Introduction: Mr & Mrs Jordan Sitorus

Hi and Welcome, I am Jordan Sitorus and the lovely lady beside me is Zaiton (my Mrs). "Behind the camera" is meant for me to blog away anything that I might be interested to share with everybody.

The picture was taken in Labuan by my 7yo son Alli, in late 2007. This was the original shot;

Noticed the main subject? Mummy! But there's nothing a CS3 can't do. With a bit of cropping and editing, Photoshop worked its magic. I smiled a lot when I was working with this picture. Alli persuaded his Mom to hand over the Sony H5 to him with his sweet talk. I have to say that it was convincing enough and eventually worth while! Bravo my Son!

Anyway, thanks and stay tuned for my next post, Cheers!

1 comment:

Zaiton Yunus said...

bravo at least you can blog something other than your other passion...all those beautiful feathery creatures of the bird kingdom...

...semangat i balik tinguk ni...