Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Formation Flight

I love shooting birds...especially when they're in action. Not the easiest of task of course and I if I might add, bird photography can really be frustrating most of the time.

For instance my shot of the Yellow-vented Bulbul below. I had not been out photographing for quite a while. I have to tell you that rust had creep in. Instead of getting the shot centered (Composing bird photography is way different than portraiture..and more often than not...center is the best option!), it went way off the coordinate.

I could have cropped it in post processing but decided not to...I guess it tells a story. A friend told me shot such as this needs poem written on the dead space! Well, guess what? I came out with a different approach. With the magic of CS, I created this;

Some might be offended seeing this but what can I say? It's a Digital World and nothing is impossible with Photoshop. However, other than the exhibition of the magical world of digital and photo editing I do insist on natural photos.

Personally, I like the fact that it can turn dull pic to an interesting ones, What say you?

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Anna said...

Wow Jordan this is so nice. I love shooting birds in action too, but now with my baby Matthew I have not done much of a birding, so I guess I have to stick with some writing then lol. Jordan thanks for visiting my blog. Anna :)